Fresh Flower Box

Beautiful hand-tied rose bouquets for every occasion. Just choose the perfect design to express your emotions with style.

Say « I love you » with a romantic bouquet of flowers

Proclaim your feelings and offer to your loved one a bouquet of fresh and elegant flowers, symbols of your love. See our collection of love flower gifts for your girlfriend or boyfriend, your wife or husband. If women are particularly sensitive to these romantic gifts, men also appreciate these love message and flowers. Surprise them with beautiful orchids, bonsai or other love flowers for more originality. Send a true love message and flowers now : do not wait any longer and take the plunge by declaring your love to the one who reigns over your heart. Amani Flowers will deliver your love flowers everywhere in UAE, as soon as possible!

Propose to your loved one with beautiful love flower gifts

Are you thinking « I want to send beautiful roses for my love », but not sure where to turn to ? Steal the heart of your better half, ask them their hand and offer them a beautiful bouquet of red flowers of love, the colour of passion and unconditional love. You are sure to amaze them. You can also opt for a romantic bouquet of multi-coloured flowers, thanks to the variety of buds in various shades, harmoniously arranged by one of our florists. You will gain in originality.

Succomb to the everlasting charm of our bouquet of red roses, saying your love with flowers to propose to your significant other ! Whatever the option who choose, be sure these beautiful roses will say « I love you » better than any words could.

How to choose your love flowers ?

Not sure which love flowers to choose ? Rely on the symbolisms of colours and flowers to ensure you send « I love you flowers ». Don’t fret over the budget of your flower love sign. Amani Flowers will work with a tailored budget will enable you to order the ideal love flower gift for your other half. It is the intention to say « I love you » that really matters. Without a doubt, your significant other will be touched by your romantic gesture and say « yes ! » to your proposal.

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