Flower Bouquets

Gorgeous hand-tied bouquets of mixed flowers or single varieties, composed using the prettiest flowers of the current season.

Seasonal flower bouquet delivery throughout UAE

A talented florist since 1986. Amani Flowers offers beautiful flower bouquets for all occasions. Multicolored or monochrome, in pastel or bright colors, our bunches of flowers and composed bouquets are hand-tied by our artisan florists.

Why give flowers?

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, or you wish to make a gesture of apology, say congratulations or ‘I love you’…there is no shortage of occasions to give bouquets of flowers! Sending flower bouquets to someone’s home is a way of expressing your sentiment through a floral gift which is always greatly appreciated. Send beautiful flower bouquets online and convey your message simply and quickly with Amani Flowers, your trusted online florist.

Treat yourself to with Cedric Amani Flower Bouquet

What if treating yourself to flowers became the new self-care trend? You may wish to decorate a room, create a cocooning atmosphere, or add an organic touch to your office… flower bouquets are always a great gift to oneself!

So, which bouquet should you choose? Do you like bunches of flowers? Depending on the season, discover our multicolored bouquets… all gathered together in a pretty, fresh and natural bunch of flowers.

Go mad for our market bouquets, composed according to the florist’s consignment of the day, made purely with French flowers . Fancy a composed bouquet? Each season, Amani Flowers offers a new collection of bouquets where artisan florists celebrate seasonal flowers in a rustic, wild, round or large floral composition. Each of our floral creations, composed with the most beautiful flowers, is an epic to nature.

Send a flower bouquet with Amani Flowers

With Amani Flowers delivery, you are sending a seasonal, fresh flower bouquet, grown and freshly cut by French and European producers. From gathering to delivery, Amani Flowers will always create moments of floral joy ! In a few clicks, order your flower bouquet and it will be delivered in under 4 hours in Dubai and the rest of Emirates in less than 24 hours throughout UAE.

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