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Vibrant bouquets and compositions for any occasions. See our beautiful collection designed to delight every Woman!

Rose Unique Language

A known florist since 1986, Amani Flowers lets you brighten up your day and that of your friends with a bouquet of flowers. Sending flowers to Dubai has never been easier!

  • A red rose bouquet is perfect for the most passionate statements.
  • For romantic statements, pink roses are the most appropriate. The rose symbolises femininity, refinement and tenderness.
  • White roses, also called nuptial roses, express humility and respect. Offer a white rose bouquet to express a pure and deep love.
  • Yellow roses express joy with their cheerful colour.

To each special occasion its perfect rose

The bouquet of roses is a timeless gift for any occasion! Hailed the favorite flower of the French for centuries, the rose is sure to delight. Make sure you select the appropriate shade for your bouquet, so you convey the right message.

  • For a declaration of love, choose a big red rose bouquet
  • For a wedding, opt for a white rose bouquet
  • A bouquet of birthday roses should be colourful and vibrant, to give a festive note to your gift!
  • Choose a light shade of roses for a gentle show of attention.

Flower Delivery in all occassion at reasonable price

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, National Day, Grandmother’s Day, Easter, May Day, Mother’s Day , Father’s Day, weddings, birthdays, births or funerals: flowers make the perfect gift, whatever the occasion. Amani Flowers artisan florists create flower bouquets every day to meet your needs for any event.

Small budget? You can find a bargain! At Amani Flowers, you can choose from a large range of prices ranging from AED 250 for low-cost flowers to AED 2000 for exceptional flowers. At Amani Flowers, you will always get excellent value-for-money sending flowers to UAE: Amani Flowers effectively adopts a pricing strategy which ensures fair remuneration to producers whilst offering reasonable prices to clients.

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